Holistic Spa Marie de Bourgogne

Your Sensory Journey Begins Here.

The unique fusion of our Spa & Ayurvedic Centre
for your well-being

A unique 1000 m2 space, with 2 quality worlds and a team of professionals with an incredible range of complementary skills
dedicated to your health and well-being. Make the Holistic Spa Marie de Bourgogne your wellness destination. For a break during the day, for a tailor-made treatment, during a stay at the Hôtel Le Cep Beaune or in Burgundy, for a holistic cure, during the week or at the weekend… Enter the bi-cultural world of our spa with the scent of Burgundy: authentic like the terroir, generous like the vines. Open up your chakras and let our Indian practitioners take you on a journey through treatments that will instantly awaken your senses, providing benefits that have been recognised for thousands of years…


Thanks to a team of practitioners trained in different massage techniques, your sensory journey begins in Burgundy, in the heart of the vineyards. Let yourself be swept away by a Le Cep Signature massage or enveloped by a Vinésime grape scrub.

Our practitioners will also take you to India, where you can benefit from their ancestral know-how for massages and holistic treatments that are out of the ordinary.



The Yoga & Mouvement card gives you the freedom to choose from 10 experiences, including yoga, meditation, LPG Huber 360 for flash fitness sessions, aquabike or chromotherapy sessions. By becoming a member of the Yoga & Mouvement Club, you’ll enjoy benefits such as master classes and themed workshops.


LUNCHBOX, ayurvedic restaurant

The recent opening of LunchBox, the new Ayurvedic vegetarian restaurant at the Hôtel le Cep, intensifies the benefits of the treatments offered at the Spa Holistique by respecting your doshas. Taste and the senses will take you on a journey to India, and the final destination is obvious.

Our Ayurvedic Cures

Our Ayurvedic cures are unique: Ayurveda, this traditional Indian medicine dating back over 50 centuries, is combined with our cutting-edge technologies to offer you a unique cure, which responds to your needs in a gentle and caring way. Our specialised and passionate therapists are at your disposal for cures lasting from 3 days to 3 weeks.

Face care

Body care

Ayurvedic Consultation

Ayurvedic Cares

Yoga & Movement

Ayurvedic Food

Face Care

Body Massage

Ayurvedic Consultation

Ayurvedic Treatment

Yoga & Movement

Ayurvedic Food

Sauna, Hammam & Balnéotherapy


Full Body or localized Cryotherapy


Aquabike & Infrabike

Flottaison bed and Hydrojet

Sauna, Hammam & Balneotherapy


Full body or localized cryotherapy


Aquabike & Infrabike

Flottaison bed & Hydrojet

Well-being is a gift

Offer your beloved a moment of relaxation: brunch & spa, Signature massage, Ayurvedic massage or Marie de Bourgogne rituals…